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Dr. Azizi, the distinguished vascular surgeon and Leading Specialist at Renew Vein and Vascular Care, is a trailblazer in the field of vascular medicine. As the visionary founder of Renew Vein and Vascular Care, Dr. Azizi has established state-of-the-art facilities in Korea Town, Bell Gardens, and Buena Park, CA. His patient-centric philosophy emphasizes personalized care, fostering strong doctor-patient relationships, and his community engagement extends to educational outreach programs on vascular health. Dr. Azizi's unwavering dedication to excellence and compassion positions him as a leader shaping the future of vascular surgery and healthcare.

Dr. Azizi

Is Phlebectomy The Same As Vein Stripping?

Technology for treating varicose veins has advanced greatly over the years, allowing for the adoption of various methods. Previously, varicose veins could only be treated via vein stripping, which involves surgically removing the veins from the body. In recent years, another procedure known as phlebectomy has been developed to treat vein diseases. Here is some crucial information about both

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