Discover Endoscopic Vein Surgery Benefits for Improved Results

Varicose Veins can be treated by undergoing Endoscopic Vein Surgery. The benefits include reduced symptoms, more blood flow, and improvement in the unsightly appearance caused by varicose veins.


When it’s time to say goodbye to varicose veins, Endoscopic Vein Surgery is the solution. This highly sought-after vein treatment takes the varicose out of your veins and leaves you with legs that are healthier and blood flow that is optimum.


What is Endoscopic Vein Surgery? 

Endoscopic Vein Surgery is a vein treatment procedure that uses the healing qualities of heat from a laser. The heat reduces the appearance of varicose veins and addressed some of the symptoms that can occur when suffering from this vein disease.


How Do Varicose Veins Appear

Varicose Veins mostly appear on legs and are a result of deoxygenated blood not reaching the heart. Gravity plays a role in blood circulation, this is why there are valves inside veins to assist the blood to flow upwards when gravity dictates that it should go down.

The blood in the legs, once used by the lower extremities needs to make its travel to the heart to re-oxygenate the blood. When this flow is obstructed then the veins begin to swell and block off. This is often a result of weakened valves that allow the upward-moving blood to trickle back down.

Enough of this trickling causes the blood to pool and eventually the blockage threatens the veins and in time, they become bulges of damaged veins.


When Would You Need Endoscopic Vein Surgery?

For all vein concerns, it’s important to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Venous insufficiencies, when left untreated, develop into more serious vascular conditions.

Your doctor may recommend Endoscopic vein Surgery if the symptoms of your varicose veins begin to hamper your day-to-day activities and compromise your quality of life. Should you experience the following symptoms of varicose veins then Endoscopic Vein Surgery might be the treatment your doctor recommends:

  • Swelling on your legs
  • Pain around the affected veins
  • Ulcers that may develop
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Bulging Veins


How Do You Prepare For Endoscopic Vein Surgery?

It is recommended that you not eat for 8 hours before the treatment but due to it being an outpatient procedure, it can take less than an hour to complete. It’s important to tell your doctor any and every medication you may be taking so they can take precautions when administering the anesthetic.

Right after the procedure, you will be encouraged to walk and a bandage will be placed on the site. Compression stockings may also be recommended. 


How Does Endoscopic Vein Surgery Work

Endovenous Vein Surgery uses heat to close and shrink the affected veins. The heat is administered through the use of a laser, a device that sends a beam of light into the weakened vein.

Once the heat hits the vein that is no longer functioning correctly, it seals it off. This seal encourages the blood to find other ways to reach its destination. Eventually, once the blood flows to healthier veins, the treated vein will be absorbed into the body.

The procedure for treatment will include:

  • Special goggles will be given to you to protect your eyes against the laser light.
  • The doctor may numb the area where the laser will be used
  • You will also receive a light anesthetic to numb the affected area
  • Using a Doppler Ultrasound, your doctor will check the exact location of the vein that needs intervention. A Doppler uses sound waves to create an image on a screen.
  • A small incision will be made on your skin and a catheter will be inserted and guided to the varicose vein.
  • A laser fiber is then inserted through the catheter and the vein is zapped.
  • As the catheter is removed, the laser heats the entire length of the affected vein causing it to close up and eventually get absorbed into the body.


What Are The Benefits of Endoscopic Vein Surgery?

The benefits can be seen a few weeks after the procedure. You will experience lessened symptoms, such as:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Less Swelling
  • Diminished Appearance
  • Decreased Heaviness


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